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Our Services

Nail Service

Acrylic Full Set$25
Acrylic Fill-in$17
White Tips$30
American Tips$30
Pink & White Full Set$40
Pink & White Fill-in$30
Pink Fill-in$22
Tip Removal$10
Nail Repair$3 & Up
Hand Designs$3 & Up

Shellac Gel

Shellac French (w/manicure)$40
(w/o manicure)$30
Shellac Color (w/manicure)$35
(w/o manicure)$25

Dipping Powder

Dipping Color Powder$38
Dipping French Powder$45

Pedicure Services

Express Pedicure$25
Consist of a foot soak in our massage spa pedicure chair, cuticle grooming, massage with hot stone and polishing.
Deluxe Pedicure$35
The traditional pedicure is complete with a foot soak in our massage spa pedicure chair, nail trim, shaping, cuticle grooming and callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub and smoothing gel rub. Plus a moisturizing mask wrap is given in warm towels. Followed by a hot stone massage and polish.
Gena Detox Pedicure $38
The powder of black charcoal. This naturally magnetic powder draws out impurities, dirt and toxins to purity feet. Finish lotion warm towel and & black charcoal nourishing mask and hot stone.
Deep Ocean Breeze Pedicure$38
An intensive heal remedy with callus treatment soothes and refreshes like a cool tropical breaze.After a relaxing soak. We will polish your skin with a dead sea salt scrub, smooth on a soothing biend of bocanicals and peppermint. Callus and paraffin treatment included
Luxury Pedicures$45
Service Includes:
– Cuticles – Apply cuties softener, push back
– Nails – Trim, shape, buff smooth
– Hot towel, Paraffin wax, Hot stone and disposable liners – Massage
– Relaxing massage to foot, lower leg and polish
This treatment begins with a combination that smooths and moisturizes tired feet. Honey is wonderful in protecting and rejuvenation with its antioxidant properties which act as skin rejuvenations while its hydrogen peroxide aids in cleansing. Your feet will be soaking in a real milk bath. After the soak, your feet will be exfoliated in a vanilla sea salt scrub and applied with honey. A jojoba mask is place on your relaxed coincided with hot towels. Revel in the finishing touch of paraffin and hot stone massage will leave your feet tingling for and hour.
Organic Spa Pedicure$45
Service Includes:
– Cuticles – Apply cuties softener, push back
– Nails – Trim, shape, buff smooth – Callus Removal – Scrub hot stone massage
– Double hot towel, paraffin and disposable liners – Massage Cream – Relaxing soak
– Foot Mask – Paraffin Wax – Beaty Jewels from the Deep Sea
We invite you to indulge yourself with this organic treatment.You will dip your feet into a silky warm water bath of organic orange ginger oil or cucumber. Some natural sea salt exfoliases.We will slough away rough skin with an organic ginger scrub and wrap your feet in our organic mask. Help detoxify and leave skin smooth and rejuvenated.Includes a hot stone massge, hot towel, paraffin wax and callus removal.
Jelly Spa Pedicure$50
– Warm or cold neck wrap
– Cuticles – Apply cuticle softener, push back
– Nails – Trim, shape, buff smooth – Callus Removal
– Scrub hot stone massage – Double hot towel, paraffin and disposable liners
+Cooling Spearmint & Vanilla
+Brightening pearl moon Complex
+Calming Lavender & Mint
The Jelly Pedicure utilizes Jelly pedicure Scrub designed to….
Pearl Spa Pedicure$55
Service Includes:
– Cuticles – Apply cuties softener, push back
– Nails – Trim, shape, buff smooth – Callus Removal – Srub hot stone massage
– Double hot towel, wrap paraffin and disposable liners – Massage Cream – Relaxing
– Soak – Foot Mask – Paraffin Wax – 30 minutes massage
The plant essence can quickly whiten the skin and clean. Also making skin smooth and refreshes. Warm neck wrap, pearl powder keep skin smooth and clean. Contains natural plant powder moisturizer
-Contain collagen and vitamin C & E that help renew skin cells
Any Pedicure add JELLY extra $5

Manicure Services

Express Manicure$15
Princess Manicure$24
Milk & Honey Manicure$29
This delightful, energizing rub exfoliates while helping nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. This hand masque drenches you in the natural goodness of rich buttermilk and wild honey helps nourish and hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscles.


Express Pedicure & Manicure$38
Deluxe Pedicure & Manicure$48

Kids (under 12 yrs)

Polish Change$5
Includes 2 Nail Art Designs

Waxing Services

Our waxing experts uses the quickest, most effective and comfortable techniques to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair free.
Under Arms$15
Half Arms$30
Full Arms$50
Half Legs$30
Full Legs$50
Half Back$30
Full Back$50
Bikini$30 & Up
Brazilian$50 & Up

Chair Massage (Massage Therapy $1 /minute)

Usually last 10 minutes or however long you would like. Requires no oils or creams as the clients will be seated upright and are fully clothed. Please let us know where to focus on to relieve the stressful tensions in the head, neck, back, arms or shoulders.

Your Health & Safety First

At Soak Nails, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect your health. Be confident that the professionalism at soak Nails follows every preventive procedure whin it comes to your well being.

Rigorous Sterilization & Sanitizing Procedures

All metal implements are sealed in envelopes and sterilized in a steam autoclave similar to those used in dental offices. Your Soak Nails attendants use a fresh supply of implements, opened exclusively for you. After each customer treatment, we perform the following cleaning and disinfecting procedure.
Complimentary Soft Drink, Wine, Water

Soak Nails & Spa

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